Hi my name is Lee and I am a social worker and tutor working in the voluntary sector. I am currently working with children aged 14-16 of age who are attending an alternative education programme.

As angling is both a therapeutic and fun sport to participate in, I felt it would be a great opportunity for some of our students to experience learning about the countryside, the wildlife and a new sport.

Four students and I have fished with Andy Lyon on two different occasions, firstly for twelve hours and secondly for 24 hours. Andy is a very friendly and respectful person who was professional at all times during both angling sessions. Andy has both excellent communication and relationship building skills which showed with the positive relationships he developed with the students, considering the short time he had to spend with them.

Andy has a wealth of knowledge and angling experience which he shared with the students in a way which they could understand. Nothing was ever too much trouble and he gave assistance and encouragement the whole time. All angling equipment provided was of high quality, which only added to the enjoyment of both sessions.

The fishing venue chosen provided a clean, safe and picturesque setting and overall gave us all a quality experience. The overall cost of the sessions which included venue, equipment and tuition was fantastic value and I will definitely be booking future sessions. Many thanks Andy